Energy Architects/ Universal Architects/ Architects

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Architects are meant to be huge engines, we generate energy, create and sustain life using universal positive energies as a basis.

Here are some stuff i know or i discovered about architects, if u are one feel free to correct my mistakes or add more characteristics 🙂

Please note that the below list is not meant to tell u if u are an energy architect, nobody can else then u and there are many different types of architects, this is only from my pint of view, i’d love to hear your opinion ^^ 🙂

  • an architect’s mind is a beautiful thing, we are born with ideas and concepts out of this world, we are accepting and loving (maybe too open minded sometimes :P XD )only society modifies those ideas in our life time. If u are an architect don’t let that happen. Guide yourself after what u feel, after the infinite love and who u are, stay strong on your heart i know is hard but not impossible  😛
  • we are in contact with love energy more and in a clear way then other people resulting from this really sensitive (energetically speaking) beings with soft energy vibrations and warm energy feeling ( embarrassed architect hides under the blankie   ^/////./////^ :3 )
  • we don’t have a hierarchy and either regulations because such things are not needed and that’s why when we incarnate some of us don’t understand those concepts and misinterpret ”leader”  as <<don’t hurt those person’s feelings>> or <<this person is loved the most from this group of people>> and ”rules” as <<enforcement>> or <<slavery>> :D
  • we sustain our creations and other species/entities with energy
  • we don’t have a home planet and we are not a specie by itself, we just are ! and we go where we are needed
  • we can chose to incarnate or not
  • our core is creator love energy and that’s why we love love love and love and also we need the love feedback :3 ❤
  • compatibility/ attraction towards some types of energy, beings, people
  • highly sensitive people
  • need to share our energy with more then one person, we are engines remember :P
  • we amplify the emotions we feel
  • our energy resonates so easily with others that is tempting for us just to copy their energy, which is not always good because everybody has the right to have an identity
  • we can copy others abilities, weaknesses, feelings, etc
  •   some might be touchy-touchy because they like it when they feel the energy of others and how they can rise others vibrations just by touching them (i like to do this :P ) + an architect’s hugs are healing
  • we have a recharging spot on our body, in case we run out of energy we can use that, such as ears, hands, shoulders, heart zone, etc. if u need to recharge, which is happening very rare, put your hands over that place and/or visualize energy coming from that place and filling u up. Something to watch out for is if somebody is using such a spot to take energy from u can get u overloaded, i know is a pleasant feeling for both, but please try to resist   XDXDXD
  • adaptable energy level, but can’t get lower only higher which can cause overloads if not used/ given
  • we can’t be owed, we are free spirited creatures :P

That’s it for now, maybe later i’ll write about overloads, if i’m in the mood XDXDXDXD

see yaaa XDXDXD :P


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