How an overload looks like for me

Every time somebody asks how it feels i say: “is like a bad cold except u don’t have a cold” which means my nose is not running, i don’t have a cold, i’m not coughing either have my langues filled mucus. And that’s how i feel in rest:

  • headaches
  • terrible muscular pains all over the body
  • foggy sight
  • weakness
  • faint like feeling
  • high body temperature
  • cold sweat
  • stomach pain
  • nausea 
  • confusion 
  • need to sleep almost all the day or more then 12 hours a day
  • can’t focus 

Before this happens there are only very few clues that announce and overload such as: oversleeping, can’t focus properly, head aches, slight confusion, which doesn’t mean a big deal to people, but to me are big signs. I’ve learn in time how to listen to my body in order to prevent an overload, but it doesn’t work every time. 

Please don’t imagine that i can walk around the house while i’m having an overload shock, no way, can’t even type properly (let’s just say the pain is intense); i stay flat in my bed breathing with my mouth open and hoping to find somebody/something soon to stuff it with energy …

I call it an overload shock because it happens suddenly and all the symptoms above happen at the same time. 

It can last for a few minutes or days, depending on how fast i get rid of the energy.

There are 2 types of energy which overload me, i’ll call them the inner and the outer (both are core energy). The outer one is old energy that accumulates around my body over the time. The inner is the new energy that accumulates inside my body and especially the heart zone. The outer creates a ”classic” overload as described above and is more frequent, but the inner can happen even if i give energy constantly, i found out that one way to get rid of it is trough tantric energy giving. The inner is harder to spot, if not spotted i will stop giving energy and in exchange i will take energy which will not overload me, but this unbalance might change my personality. A clue to spot an inner overload would be that i go low on energy, even if i recharge, which it should never happen. 

btw the inner overload is a new thing i discovered a few days ago. i’ll probably add new things as i discover them to this article 🙂


Can’t believe this post got so long … anyway my question is ”is there anyone out there who feels the same” ? If so then please let me know, i’d love to talk with u a little more about this subject, thank u in anticipation 🙂 



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